Microsoft Surface Studio Review: Hinge Is A Huge Step Forward


#Microsoft #SurfaceStudioMicrosoft Surface Studio Review: Hinge Is A Huge Step Forward : Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was launched last year but the device surprised everybody with its improvements and new features. One of the improvements was that the gadget can easily convert from a laptop to a tablet and reverse.

Also, the design was pretty impressive with the special hinges that made the device be convertible. This year, Microsoft repaired a hinge issue for the Surface Book but the latest innovation in hinges went to the Surface Studio.

If you’re wondering why the new hinge design is so attractive, the answer is very simple. With the new hinge, you can turn the device into a big tablet to use it more easily. This is definitely something that you can’t do on desktops that run Windows or on MacOS.

The hinge may look very sophisticated but in fact, it’s very simple. The design of the hinge was inspired by a lamp desk. Initially, the tech giant wanted to build a clutch mechanism to power the hinge, but the idea was considered “too robotic”.

Microsoft Surface Book Hinge Innovation

Ralf Groene, Microsoft’s head of industrial design, declared to The Verge that on the back of the screen, there’s a capacity sensor which unlocks a mechanism to convert the screen into a tablet.

The Microsoft team also worked on the design to allow the owners to move around with their big tablet with ease. Basically, the Surface Studio’s hinges were inspired by a desk lamp which means that the mechanism will not allow the device to go flat.

Instead of going flat, the hinge stops at a 20-degree angle just like a Disney drawing board. We were pretty impressed with the latest set of innovations coming from Microsoft. Source: androidorigin