OnePlus 4 Concept: Curved Edge And Rumored Specs


#OnePlus4 #Android – OnePlus 4 Concept: Curved Edge And Rumored Specs : A OnePlus 4 concept phone is making its rounds in the internet. No one seems to care much for the next major product of the Chinese company. Well, not to the level that many do for the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. These are two of the most anticipated smartphones in the market today.

The OnePlus line seems to be a legitimate contender though. This is why many enthusiasts suspect that the company might go big with a OnePlus 3T. Some even speculate about the OnePlus 4. The smartphone enthusiast publication, Techconfigurations, went long and presented a mightier speculative model—the OnePlus 4 Edge. Check the video below.

The OnePlus 4 Concept: Speculative Model

The OnePlus 4 concept above is just a speculative model. There is no word yet whether the company will go for something with some resemblance to this.

But if the company will take this direction though, it will not be that odd as Asian competitors such as Xiaomi and Huawei have also adopted curved screen panels. This is for their Mi Note 2 and Mate 9, respectively. Techconfigurations envisions OnePlus to go in the same direction.

Going dual edge is the trend and many Chinese firms are making this a must for their flagship models. This is just one feature as to how and why these relatively new entrants can create the ultimate flagship killer next year.

Techconfigurations added that this OnePlus 4 concept model has a dual camera module. It also presumes that the company will include a technology similar 3D touch. The publication also adds that it would be nice for the company to embed a fingerprint scanner in the screen to get rid of the separate sensor.
Rumored Specs

There are rumors about the specs of the upcoming OnePlus 4. There are reports that it will have 8GB of RAM that is powered by the flagship Snapdragon 830 chipset. It is likely going to have 16 and 8MP dual camera modules on the back while having a ‘selfie’ camera with 12MP. The OnePlus 4 is likely going to sport a 5.5inch QHD display.

What do you think of the OnePlus 4 concept? Should the company have a curved edge display? Leave your comments below. Want to see the comparison between the speculated OnePlus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S8? Source: Thebitbag