PS4 Pro slated for a November release with 4K compatibility


#PS4Pro #GamingPS4 Pro slated for a November release with 4K compatibility : Slated for a November release, it will not be long until gaming enthusiasts get a hold of one of the most anticipated gaming consoles in the world – PlayStation 4 Pro. It is expected to deliver the sharpest and most responsive gaming experience history has ever seen.

Features will include lifelike details, smooth movements, and crystal clear display with 4K quality resolution. The console will also enable users to stream TV shows and movies with 4K resolution from Youtube and Netflix, as stated in the official website of Playstation.

The nature of the resolution will still depend on the TV used, and as expected, the effects will differ when using an HDTV or a 4K TV. The overall resolution will also depend on whether the TV used is HDR compatible.

PS4 Pro will offer an enhanced VR experience with crisper scenes, which will relatively be better than that of the PS4 console. A number of game developers have already revealed plans to update their games to fit the upcoming PS4 Pro.

Most of the games in the current PS4 will be forward compatible with the PS4 Pro. Forward compatible games include the Battlefield 1, Battlezone, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, FIFA 17, Fallout 17, and NBA 2K17 among many others VG 24/7 reported.

The PS4 Pro will also feature a 1TB hard drive, which means double the capacity of the current PS4. It boasts of a much more powerful clock rate and higher frame rates, which gamers will be looking forward to.

Meanwhile, Nintendo, Playstation’s greatest competitor in the gaming industry, plans to release the Nintendo Switch in 2017 to become PS4 Pro’s biggest rival. It will allegedly feature a 6.2-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen, which may mean that it may be able to play smartphone games.

The Nintendo Switch may work as a handheld device and a home gaming console at the same time. If proven true, this will give the device a better edge than the PS4 Pro because of the convenience it offers. Source: Yibada

Here is everything you may want to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro: