Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Features: S Pen Redesign Promises Improved Functionality


#GalaxyNote8 #SPenSamsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Features: S Pen Redesign Promises Improved Functionality : Next year, Samsung fans can expect the Galaxy Note 8 to come out with a bang especially after the battery and explosion issues of its predecessor. Even though there is still no confirmation from the company, fans are already expecting a lot from the upcoming device.

Redesigned S Pen

Speculated to be unveiled this January, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could come with improved functionality with the help of an all-new S Pen. The redesign in the pointer tool will reportedly help users do more and perform better functions with their phablets. The upcoming offering is also thought to have a revamp for its look like change in color offerings and coating details. It hopes to compete with another much-awaited device, the iPhone 8.

Other features

Aside from these changes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also reportedly have a new battery that will redeem the name of the brand to its customers. Samsung faced one of its hardest battles with the explosion and overheating issues of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that led to a massive recall.

Note 7 exchange program

The company earlier announced that those who bought the Note 7 can exchange their device for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when it comes out next year. This was taken by fans as a confirmation by fans from the company that the next Note instalment is coming.

Though it has just been an exclusive offering in South Korea, users of the brand hope the company will expand it to other countries like the United States. Those who would like to grab the exchange program will have to change to the Galaxy S7 Edge or a Galaxy S7 first then exchange it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after its release.

Possible release date

Analyst firm Moor Insights & Strategy president Patrick Moorhead claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be announced either in January during the CES or at the Mobile World Congress in March. He expressed confidence that the company will continue the Note line even with the issues with the Note 7. Source: gamenguide