Macbook Tips, Hacks, Tricks; How To Turn Macbook Into An External Hard Drive


#MacBoookPro #AppleMacbook Tips, Hacks, Tricks; How To Turn Macbook Into An External Hard Drive : Transferring large files from Macbook to another Apple computer is a cumbersome task. Most users who transfer really big files, like around 50GB big, copy from Macbook to an external hard drive to the destination device.

Some even pay for file transfer services just to shorten the span of time transferring the files. But, there is a way around it, and it is called the ‘Target Disk Mode.’ HowToGeek explains the concept further. Target Disk Mode allows Apple computers to function like an external hard drive.

Mac users may connect the mac to another Macbook to access the files in the computer’s finder. To put it simply, the Target Disk Mode is like taking the Mac apart and leaving only the internal drive where it would be able to store the files it is being transferred to. Of course, that is only the concept of it, but you DO NOT need to disassemble the Mac. To activate the Target Disk Mode, reboot the computer, and plug it in.

Activate Target Disk Mode on A Mac

First, make sure that the Macbook that you want to use as an external hard drive is turned off. Before turning the computer on, press and hold the “T” key, then the “Power” key simultaneously until the Macbook switches on.

There should be a “Thunderbolt” icon on the screen which means that the Target Disk Mode is already turned on. Get your Thunderbolt cable, connect the Mac that is Target Disk Mode enabled to the destination Mac.

Once connected, you should see a “Macintosh HD” icon, rather than the destination Mac computer’s desktop. Then open the folder, select the file, and drag or copy and paste to the desired folder.

Don’t forget to safely eject the hardware, reminds Business Insider. The Target Disk Mode in Macbook computers is a nifty trick that Macintosh users will find handy. Source: newseveryday