Was Microsoft planning an Intel processors powered windows phone? let us see!


#Microsoft #WindowsPhoneWas Microsoft planning an Intel processors powered windows phone? let us see! : Other rumors suggest that the Redmond-based tech giant will be announcing the Surface Phone sometime next spring. Although the alleged Surface Phone failed to make an appearance at the Microsoft event last october 26, it doesn’t mean that the device is not in existence at all.

Some earlier rumors suggested that Microsoft will release the Surface phone is early 2017. Enthusiasts, however, claim that if Microsoft wants to take a good share of the smartphone market, they should at least introduce a game-changing feature in new Surface Phones.

While it’s true that some people now think that the Surface Phone could just be a rumor, and the device is really not in existence because of its non-appearance at the event, the latest in the rumor mill is that the alleged device may be unveiled in January next yea, along with the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5.

Since related hardware often gets released when a signature item rolls out, it was a fair question to ask if the Surface Pen’s hardware had been improved, or was there an entirely new Pen to go along with the rest of the revamped lineup?

From an overall design point of view, there were no direct parallels to Microsoft’s Surface Studio, however, that was not to say that Dell had not positioned the device as a competitor, according to commentators. It’s probably because nearly of it has already been spilled and Microsoft is just waiting for the device’s imminent announcement.

As for the Surface Phone 2016’s camera, it is rumoured to have a sharp shooting 21-megapixel rear camera. The Surface Phone 2016 is also expected to come in three variants with different RAM capacities.

Late yesterday, popular tipster, Evan Blass tweeted some images of an unknown windows phone with a tagline ‘Powered by a laptop-class Intel processor, would this have blown your mind?’, which essentially means that the phone will be powered by a high-end Intel processor. Hopefully it will be comparable to the premium looks of the Galaxy and iPhone devices. Source: crcconnection