‘PlayStation 5’ Release Date, Rumors: PS5 To Be Compact In Size And Perform Better Than PS4 Pro! (Video)


#PlayStation5 #PS4ProPlayStation 5 Release Date, Rumors: PS5 To Be Compact In Size And Perform Better Than PS4 Pro! (Video) : PS4 Pro is not even out in the market yet and we are already hearing rumors on the next-generation Sony console – the PlayStation 5. The company plans on making the system offer better performance and much smaller in size than the PS4 Pro.

PS5 Specs, Features

Most updates on the PS5 specs are still rumors. And, these updates talk about the upcoming components and features in the PS5. Rumors are that the next gen PS5 will have VR compatibility with a 4K resolution. The console will also offer an AMD Radeon chipset with 1700p HD video support. The processor in the PS5 is expected to be better than what we will have in the PS4 Pro.

Another rumor suggests that there will be two new models for the PlayStation 5. And according to reports, there might not be discs anymore. PS5 release date is also rumored way earlier than expected.

PS4 Pro Release Date

PS4 Pro is coming out this November 4, 2016. Sony adds in an AMD Radeon graphics card with 4.2 teraflops. It will support games with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of internal space. Processing power comes in from an Octa-core Jaguar chipset, as reported by GamesSpot. Sony expects the PS4 Pro to evolve the gaming industry to a whole new level. Thus, it would be hard to imagine what PS5 will be capable of doing once it is out.

PS5 Release Date Update

We do not have a confirmed date, but the PS5 release date is expected to be in 2018. WallStreet Journal Tokyo’s reporter, Takashi Mochizuki has provided a much specific release date being in Q2 2018.

No official confirmation has been given yet for the PS5 specs and release date, but fans can expect its power to be formidable compared to other console systems. Who knows, it might surpass Microsoft’s Project Scorpio as well. Source: scienceworldreport