‘Sony Xperia XZ’ Torture Test Reveals A Good Amount Of Plastic Components: Not So Premium Smartphone?


#XperiaXZ #AndroidSony Xperia XZ Torture Test Reveals A Good Amount Of Plastic Components: Not So Premium Smartphone? : If you haven’t had your fill of plastic for today, then Jerry of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything would like to serve you some. He scraped off plenty from the Sony Xperia XZ.

The YouTuber is known for the scratch, burn and bend tests that handhelds go through once he gets his hands on them. And the $650 Xperia XZ wasn’t exempted.

The Scratch Test

Following the usual order and format of his tests, the YouTuber started with the Mohs hardness test. He scratched the screen glass of Sony’s 2016 flagship with different materials that correspond to different levels of hardness on the Mohs hardness scale.

The XZ’s screen glass didn’t get any scratches until level 6, which is fine since most of the previous flagships tested, including the Google Pixel, also got scratches at around level 5 and level 6. Hence, the XZ should be safe against coins, keys and some other common things that people usually store in their pockets.

At level 10 of the Mohs scale sits the diamond. Next to it, at 9, are rubies and sapphires. At level 8 is topaz and at 7 is quartz.

The front-facing selfie camera is also covered by the same screen glass and thus, it’s also fairly safe from scratches. Next to it is the exposed top speaker grill that is made of plastic.

Although not as sturdy as the metal grills on other flagships, it should cause no problems unless poked by sharp materials. The same can be said for the bottom speaker grill.

The XZ’s back panel is made of metal, but just below it is a thin bar that looks like metal but isn’t. Scratching it revealed that it’s made of plastic. Unfortunately, the plastic reign over the XZ does not end there.

The LED flash is made of plastic, which is understandable since most outfits do the same. The SD and SIM card tray are also made of plastic, which can be forgiven. However, the side bars are also made of plastic, which is questionable for a $650 handheld.