Top 10 ‘Best Web Browsers’ for Mac OS in 2016


#Browser #MacTop 10 Best Web Browsers for Mac OS in 2016 : Ever wondered which is the best web browser for Mac? Gone are the days when there were only a few web browsers. There are hundreds if not thousands of Mac web browsers.

The best browser for Mac should be first and have a sleek design. I took time pondering over that question and my research revealed the following are 10 of the best Mac web browsers.

1. Google Chrome

It is no secret that Google Chrome is the best internet browser not only for Mac but also Windows PC. Chrome is the most popular internet browser. One of the features that make this browser one of the best is the wide range of useful extensions.

The browser is clutter free and can open multiple tabs smoothly. Its default search engine is the reputable Google.

2. Opera

Opera is more popular on mobile devices than computers. But this giant browser has slowly taken over the Mac OS. The browser is often updated to give the latest browser features and get rid of bugs. The user-friendly interface and fast web page loading are the key features of this browser and make it one of the best browser for Mac.

3. Mozilla Firefox

You cannot think of the best web browser for Mac and fail to think of Mozilla Firefox. This software has been in the market for ages. It is reputable for its powerful built-in features that benefit web developers in performing tweaks and web customization. This browser allows effective management of bookmarks, blocks malware and allows pop-ups blockage.

4. Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the default browser for Mac. The fact that it is the default browser means that it has a set of powerful features. The browser is subject to frequent updates. Each new version comes with an improved user interface. Apple Safari is the best browser for Apple devices that run iOS.

The browser lacks some features on the Mac OS. Nevertheless, the lack of clutter and incredible visual balance are incomparable to any other Mac web browser. Also, check out how to clear history on Safari.

5. OmniWeb

OmniWeb is the best browser for mac with regard to design. Another amazing feature of this web browser is the advanced ad-blocking. Omniweb handles RSS news feeds with precision.

The most unique of its features is the ‘Sidebar Tabs’. Sidebar tabs allow the user to have a small visual preview of the open tabs. This feature is helpful in finding hidden tabs when there are multiple tabs open.