Windows 10 Early Release of Updates for Fast Ring Insiders


#Windows10 #MicrosoftWindows 10 Early Release of Updates for Fast Ring Insiders : After introducing serious features across the Surface line of hardware, Microsoft will start releasing the Creators Update to PC and Mobile Insiders Fast ring members.

This early build called the Windows 10 Creators Update Preview 14959 for PC and Mobile also includes several new features which will allow users to download the update in builds.

According to, the updates will come in builds and will be delivered to Mobile using a new publishing system called the Unified Update Platform. The system allows for smaller builds uploaded at any single time.

This will also allow for incremental updates which are seamless and would not interfere with the user’s workflow. This, in turn, will enable laptops and mobiles to use less battery and computing power during the update process.

Another new feature relates to how Hyper-V Virtual Machines (VM) are scaled on the PC. This will allow the user to override the default scaling factor to 100, 125, 150 or 200. Issues when using other VMs were also resolved.

However, for most users, the news they are really looking forward to is 3D on Windows 10. Although the final products will not be released until 2017, the early build will allow Fast ring enrollees to use the Paint 3D Preview. As a Preview, this version of Paint 3D has a smaller feature set but enables people to get used to what is in store on the full program.

The October 26 Microsoft event created a lot of news and hype about the products and the Microsoft community is anticipating these features and how these will impact the creative process. Users are excited about improvements that the new Surface and its peripheral devices will affect the development and creative process.

Users do not need to buy the Surface devices to make use of or to create 3D. The new Paint 3D is a powerful tool when it gets into the hands of users. This will make use of a Windows Mobile device for 3D scanning and a Paint 3D to manipulate the image in both 2D and 3D. Source: parentherald