Alien News 2016: Dead Woman Spotted On Mars!


#Alien #MarsAlien News 2016: Dead Woman Spotted On Mars! : A shocking discovery has been made from the NASA’s Curiosity Rover. It captured what appears to be an image of a woman carved into the surface of Mars. While reviewing the footage from NASA’s rover, Scott C. Waring, a keen space enthusiast spotted this outline.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been exploring Mars’ surface for four years and sending back the images to the scientists on Earth for assessment. According to the Express.

NASA seems to have missed this and Waring found the image of a woman with a distinctive dress and a long hair. He has described this image as the best finding of the century and filled the image with the colors to highlight the shape of the female.

Waring is the chief editor of a popular website UFO Sightings Daily where the image of the dead woman is also shown. In the website, daily UFO sightings with photos and videos and search for Alien Structures in NASA can be found.

Waring has claimed that he has found hundreds of images from space but has never found any image looking like a human. This unusual spot has come after another big discovery of alien hunters flagging up an equally strange finding on Moon which is believed to show a video proof that it proves an alien base there. But NASA has many times debunked the evidences found for alien life forcing people to see what they want to show and not what is actually there.

Waring added, “The dress of the dead woman found on Mars is raised up in the front and long in the back which is much like the dresses ladies used to wear in the 1700 century on Earth.” The image raises many discussions on whether there is life on the red planet which was previously considered inhabitable. Source: Morningnewsusa