Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera?


#GooglePixel #iPhone7PlusGoogle Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera? : Every time a new smartphone is launched, one of the most important features is the camera since there isn´t anything cooler than a phone that allows you to take photos with the best quality.

Given this fact, many analysts think that the Google Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus have the best cameras, but to say which is the best, is something so difficult that the easiest thing to do. Despite this, we’ll try anyway.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera

Let´s start with any unnecessary preambles: this smartphone´s camera has a faux-Bokeh effect, which allows you to take the photos and produce the degree of background blurring effect naturally, which turns taking pictures to a whole new professional level since Bokeh is something very used in stylish fashion photographs.

Apple is betting a lot with this new feature, considering that many other companies have equipped their smartphones with it, without meeting the users’ expectations.

This way, the Cupertino giant, far from getting away from something that hasn’t been a success in any mobile device, has taken it and equipped the iPhone 7 Plus to achieve the label of “best smartphone camera ever”.

Also, what makes this camera something outstanding is its ability to zoom up to 10x using Apple´s software, which will work much like normal digital zooming.

The company explained that image quality at these higher zoom levels will be much better than the equivalent images captured with other smartphone cameras since you should be able to get a better shot of far-away thing without it looking like a blurry soup, as reported by ALPHR.

Having two lenses, the iPhone 7 Plus camera also offers optical image stabilization, an f/1.8 wider lens aperture, an upgraded 7-megapixel front-facing camera, a quad-LED True Tone flash.

Also, this mobile device is equipped with an upgraded image signal processor, and it gets the iPhone 7’s 28mm (equivalent) wide-angle, 12-megapixel lens, but it also has a 56mm (equivalent) 12-megapixel telephoto lens.