Incredible Alien Encounter In Mississppi


#Alien #Mississpi Incredible Alien Encounter In  Mississppi : I know for a fact Aliens are real! I had an encounter in 2005 of an alien counter and time loss and reported it to a ufo research team called MUFON for the first time in early 2016.    No more than a few weeks later after reporting to MUFON of my experience in 2005 I woke up where I sleep alone with no witnesses..

There were two alien greys at my bed side table and behind the two greys were definitely Three or more Aliens that looked nothing like the greys we commonly know.

The Grey’s were the larger Alien’s slaves I believe. The larger Aliens were between 6 .5′ to 7 foot tall.  The wall no more than 10 feet from my bed wasn’t there no more.. All I could see was a bright light where the walls was…. as if the wall became transparent and you could walk through it.. I was having a nightmarish dream where I broke consciousness and felt strange vibrations where I was injured that’s preventing me to currently work.

And that’s when I saw these Aliens…I tried to get up from my bed to communicate with them with peaceful intentions, yet startled! However it was as if there was a gravitational force keeping me strapped to my bed.

The reason I was awaken was because my body felt it was vibrating at a rate where it felt I was slipping or being moved off my bed and a strange vibrating force applied to my hip and back where a tumor was removed from my spinal cord in 2009 – (I was laying on my belly at the time which is very strange because since I had the tumor removed from my spinal cord laying on my belly caused severe pain… but the pain during this encounter once I woke was gone temporary)!

Once I broke consciousness and saw them… I managed to bench press my body about a foot off the bed when I ;noticed a gravitational force keeping me planted. All I could do was turn my neck and asked with keep sincere (Help Me !!!) – ( referring to my injuries that’s keeping me from walking without having severe pain).

As soon as I turned my neck and responded a light far brighter than any light I have ever seen before flashed and I was blacked out!   When I woke up about 5 – 8 hours later or more I woke up in a very strange position as if I went head first into a pillow with my knees baring some weight of my body and a horrible pain in my neck from being in such an odd position. My neck hurt for at-least 3 days after this encounter.