iOS 10 jailbreak release date news: iOS 10 jailbreak tool released for iPad, iPhone, iPod


#iOS10 #JailbreakiOS 10 jailbreak release date news: iOS 10 jailbreak tool released for iPad, iPhone, iPod : A jailbreak tool for iOS 10 has been released and is already working on iPads, iPhones and some iPods. According to a report by Neurogadget, this jailbreak tool, which was not developed by Pangu, comes, instead, from the Unlock-Jailbreak Team.

The outlet notes that the jailbreak tool offers numerous benefits, including access to Cydia and the ability to use SIM cards from any network. The tool also comes with lifetime updates and money-back guarantees.

The Unlock-Jailbreak Team claims that the iOS 10 jailbreak tool does not harm the devices on which it is installed. The team also guarantees that all the functions and features of whatever Apple device the jailbreak tool will be installed in will be retained and will function normally.

Nonetheless, the tech blog warns users about possible security issues that may arise as a result of installing the iOS 10 jailbreak tool. According to Neurogadget, users should back up their Apple devices before downloading and installing the jailbreak tool.

Meanwhile, Pangu, one of the leading jailbreak developers in recent years, has released several jailbreak methods and jailbreak alternatives for iOS 10, iOS 10.01, iOS 10.0.2 and iOS 10.0.3. It has not, however, come up with a jailbreak tool for the recently unveiled iOS 10.2 beta 1 for iOS developers.

According to the Chinese programming team, there is currently no jailbreak solution for the iOS 10.2 beta 1, but hackers and developers are already working to remedy this problem. On its website, Pangu lists the new features made available by the iOS 10.2 beta and what Apple users can do to get the same in the absence of an official Pangu jailbreak tool.

Pangu says that it currently has no jailbreak tweaks that can give Apple users the new video widget, emojis and Messages screen effect offered by the iOS 10.2 beta 1. However, users can use the iWidgets Jailbreak app for a similar widget experience on iOS. Meanwhile, the QuickShoot Pro, Grabby and FrontFlash jailbreak tweaks can offer the same camera setting functions offered by the iOS 10.2 beta. Source: christiantimes