Why Did Lamborghini Give Marvel a Huracan to Destroy in Dr. Strange?


#Lamborghini #CarsWhy Did Lamborghini Give Marvel a Huracan to Destroy in Dr. Strange? : In Doctor Strange, the latest Marvel Comics film, the titular character is a wealthy neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car crash. In his quest to regain their function, he gains the mystical powers that make him a superhero. The crash is therefore a key plot point – and thus an important product-placement opportunity.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have their Acuras, Iron Man has his Audi R8. So what does Steven Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) drive during his harrowing and life-altering wreck? A 10-cylinder, wedge-shaped, screaming hunk of menace: the $237,250 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

Why would Lamborghini, with limited marketing budget and footprint, choose to invest its energies in a blockbuster superhero movie aimed mostly at kids? Aspiration.

“In a world where young people are not so interested in buying cars, they are very interested in, and indeed attracted by, our cars. Because they are different,” says Lamborghini’s chief executive officer, Stefano Domenicali. “They see our cars to be super, which is a key differentiator in terms of being seen as special.”

Also, it turns out action movies and entertainments like them are a pretty good means to reach high net-worth individuals. According to a survey data set assembled by the automotive research firm Strategic Vision, elite car buyers enjoy going to the movies at rates similar to those who end up in mass-market vehicles.

“In short, please don’t discriminate against the supercar customer simply because they have money,” says Strategic Vision’s president, Alexander Edwards. “They want to be a superhero, too.”

Some of the deeper reasoning behind this desire is revealed more deeply in Edwards’ data. “When we escape into the stories of movies, we look for versions of our ‘ideal self,’ ” he says. “Although it doesn’t usually happen at a conscious level, we often compare our self-perception to that of our ideal self. The gaps that emerge, we try to fill with things that can help us obtain the ideal.

A vehicle often fills that gap. So while I may not be a superhero, when I drive my Audi, I can be Tony Stark. In essence, these vehicles are more than a sidekick, but something that completes the hero.”

Of course this doesn’t address, from a marketing perspective, the potentially problematic association between the Huracan and its key plot point in the film, which involves the vehicle being totaled in a wreck. Lamborghini CEO Domenicali has an interesting spin on that.

“Despite the fact that the crash was so massive, two main things: First, Doctor Strange was able to be alive after – certainly we don’t forget the safety of the car. And secondly, it was able, for him, to be the turning point of his life. So therefore we can connect to the fact that we are also on his side in a life-changing moment.”

The seemingly infinite nature of the Marvel franchises suggest that this life-altering relationship could potentially continue beyond this one appearance. When asked if Doctor Strange might drive another Lambo in a sequel, Domenicali responds enthusiastically. “He’s a visionary man. He has to drive a Lamborghini in the future,” he says. Source: philly