Microsoft Corporation (MSTF) Surface Phone Will be ‘Laptop-Class’: Leaks


#SurfacePhone #Microsoft – Microsoft Corporation (MSTF) Surface Phone Will be ‘Laptop-Class’: Leaks : Microsoft Corporation has a new lease on life and the firm has been blowing minds with its latest products. The Surface Pro line of tablets is pushing Apple’s iPad to the sideline and the first Surface Book set a new pace for laptops. The Surface Studio and Surface Dial are the two latest products making many of us take a second look at Microsoft. The logical expectation is that Microsoft would blow our minds next with a Surface Phone, but the firm has strangely kept mute about its plans.

Microsoft is building a Surface Phone; otherwise, it one would think they would denounce the onslaught of rumors and speculations about the device. In fact, last week, the firm’s VP of Windows and Devices, Terry Myerson revealed that the firm is still working on the unique selling point for Surface Phone. All the latest products from the firm have a unique selling point that sets them apart from rivals. The Surface Phone’s USP might be its ability to run PC software – at least based on recent leaks that Evan Blass posted.

Can we expect a laptop-class processor Surface Phone?

Microsoft Corporation has an Intel-powered Surface Phone up its sleeves – that’s what veteran smartphone Evan Blass thinks. In a tweet he posted last Friday, Blass shows the picture of a cool-looking smartphone that seems to be running windows 10 mobile. The phone (pictured above) is very thin and it sports a USB-C port to suggest that it sports one of the latest trends in smartphone market.

Blass says the phone is “Powered by a laptop-class Intel processor, would this have blown your mind?” Of course, it would blow our minds; a Windows smartphone that packs a laptop-class chipset should be strong enough to run laptop-class software. Hence, the device could unleash the full beast in Continuum Mode so that you can start work on your smartphone and finish up on your laptop – or you can start work on your laptop and finish it up on your smartphone during your commute back home.