Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release in 2017 Will Kill MacBook Pro 2016


#SurfacePro5 #MacBookProMicrosoft Surface Pro 5 Release in 2017 Will Kill MacBook Pro 2016 : Many have expected to see the rumored Surface Pro 5 at the recently concluded Microsoft event. However, they were a bit disappointed as Microsoft unveiled a desktop and a laptop instead.

Although Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2016 a day later, many consumers are still waiting for the Surface Pro 5. Experts are also speculating that the next Surface Pro will give the MacBook Pro 2016 a run for its money.

According to rumors, the much-hyped Surface tablet from Microsoft will feature the newest and best processor from Intel. The new 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors are now even more powerful and efficient that its predecessor.

Apart from the efficiency, the new processor also boasts native support for 4K video processing. This makes it possible to play ultra-high resolution video without taking a toll on battery life. Perhaps the most obvious reason why someone would switch to the Surface Pro 5 is its touch-enabled display.

Unlike the MacBook Pro 2016, which compromised on a strip of touch OLED, the Surface Pro 5 features a full display with touch. On top of this, the Surface Pro 5 also comes with a pen, which provides additional means of input. This makes it a lot more flexible than the MacBook Pro 2016 in terms of functionality.

Another great feature of the Surface Pro 5 is the fact that it is actually a tablet, and a very powerful one indeed. Unlike any other tablet in the market, the Surface Pro is basically a laptop on steroids. It features, according to rumors, a 7th generation i7 Intel processor with as much as 16GB of RAM. As for storage, the high-end version also comes with 1TB of solid state drive.

The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 sports a 6th generation Intel Skylake processor as well as 16GB  maximum RAM. It has a strip of touch OLED above the keyboard, as opposed to Surface Pro 5’s full touch screen. Anyone looking at the Surface Pro will surely forget about the MacBook Pro in a heartbeat. Source: thebitbag