Microsoft’s New Surface Phone Coming In January 2017?


#Microsoft #SurfacePhone Microsoft’s New Surface Phone Coming In January 2017? : Microsoft hasn’t yet had its grip on the smartphone market. Microsoft has tried to grab the market with its Windows Phones, adding different features like seamless multitasking and powerful cameras, but Windows Phones, aren’t scratching the surface that is saturated with iOS and Android devices.

This is about to change as Microsoft has plans to release phones under the branding of Surface. The phones would be based on Windows 10 mobile. Analysts and users in general, are still unsure of what the new phones potential would be.

Vinereport said that Microsoft is looking at a bright future for their smartphone segment, and are excited to bring their new lineup. Earlier rumors of the Surface phone have always turned out to be false. As for the user base, there isn’t much excitement, as the Lumia series is slowly fading away with not enough apps to keep it running.

This time around, however, Surface phones will be making an entry into the mainstream smartphone market as early as January 2017. The phones would also bring the design language that has been imparted to the “Surface” branding, featuring all metal bodies for the smartphones.

Microsoft is ready to take on the market with reports of a powerful hardware backed phone lineup. The phones are likely to have a 20MP Carl Zeiss primary camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a powerful processor.

As for the processor, Microsoft will likely play its cards with the Intel Atom X3, but there are reports that the phone will come in a number of variants. These variants could come with a 3GB RAM and 512GB onboard storage.

These specs are top of the line, but what should be reworked is the app store. The Windows app store sees many apps added everyday, but it is still not mature enough for users to completely abandon the iOS or Android app markets.

From the consumer point of view, the app store needs to be impactful enough for these phones to be popular. However, since there is still time, it remains to be seen how Microsoft will handle the constant pressure from other heavyweights. Source: counselheal