Microsoft’s Windows 10 Smartphone Dream Is Still Alive Thanks To A New Android Device


#Microsoft #Windows10MobileMicrosoft’s Windows 10 Smartphone Dream Is Still Alive Thanks To A New Android Device : Although much of Microsoft’s mobile strategy is about getting users signed up to its cloud services no matter the mobile platform they are on, there are some signs of life on the Windows 10 smartphone front this week.

T-Mobile is offering US customers the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10. The handset sports a SnapDragon 820 CPU, 4GB Ram, and a 1080p screen. If those feel like solid specs for an Android phone, that’s part of Windows 10 new attraction for mobile developers – it supports the same off-the-shelf hardware as its Android brethren.

In fact, it supports off-the-shelf so much that Android fans could recognise the Idol 4S as an Android-powered handsets, or as the reference design for BlackBerry’s recent DTEK60 smartphone.

The Idol 4S’s party trick is one that is going to become more prevalent over the next twelve months is that it is a VR-ready. T-Mobile is shipping the handset with a headset that allows the smartphone to be used the screen and circuitry of a virtual reality system.

Given the low resolution of 1080p (at least for VR) this is a nice addition, but I wouldn’t be considering this a primary reason to purchase the handset. No, the important point for me in the Idol 4S with Windows 10 is the base hardware.

The fact that Windows 10 can run on Android hardware (or at least lightly modified hardware) is a strength. No longer does a manufacturer to commit to a bespoke design or expensive tooling for a Microsoft-powered smartphone, they can use what they already have.