Xbox Scorpio Might Be Twice More Powerful Than PlayStation 4 Pro, But How?


#XboxScorpio #Gaming – Xbox Scorpio Might Be Twice More Powerful Than PlayStation 4 Pro, But How? : The Xbox Scorpio is projected to be the most powerful upgraded version of the Xbox One, and it is also being considered to being a lot more powerful than the PS4 Pro, which is the up and coming high-end, an upgraded version of the PS4. Xbox head Phil Spencer also made official confirmations that there will be no successor console for every two years or so, which was the former norm, and that the Xbox Scorpio is going to be VR-ready, though this won’t be its main draw.

Speculated release date

It has been repeatedly conveyed on recent reports that the Xbox Scorpio is set to have its official launch during the holiday season of 2017, though a more precise release date is speculated to be announced sooner or later. Given that the upcoming PS4 Pro will be rolling out this coming November 10, it is very possible that the Xbox Scorpio will be launching at around Thanksgiving of next year, or in early December.

The Scorpio will reign supreme for a very long time

When it does reach its official launch, Spencer gave some assurance that Xbox gamers are going to enjoy it for a significantly long time, as Xbox and Microsoft have already confirmed that they will be having no plans of launching another console in a few more years after the Scorpio’s release. Spencer has also quoted that the Xbox Scorpio is the most powerful console ever made by the time of its impending release. Recent reports and findings have agreed to this claim, as it has been revealed that the Xbox Scorpio is 43% more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

VR will not be Scorpio’s main highlight

The Xbox Scorpio will also be VR-ready by the time of its release, but Spencer further explained that it will not be the main highlight of the console. Spencer explains in a recent interview that, although VR technology is appealing, he also considered it to be in a very early, experimental state that is yet to be determined whether it will strive hard on the gaming industry. source:itechpost