Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Here’s What To Expect


#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Here’s What To Expect : There is no doubt regarding the capabilities of the current-generation Surface Pro, but the tablet device certainly has a few limitations which prevent it from being the perfect 2-in-1 device.

Fortunately, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is highly-anticipated to introduce significant upgrades in its next-generation Surface Pro, dubbed as the Surface Pro 5.

Although the Redmond-based tech giant has remained very secretive about its upcoming projects, constant speculation regarding the company’s next-generation of Surface devices has helped to develop an idea what the next Surface Pro 5 will be all about. Here is a quick review of what you can expect.

New Design: With the passage of time, we see sleeker and lighter devices rolling out, and that should be the case for the next-generation Surface Pro. The portability factor in the Surface ‘Pro’ demands that Microsoft designs a sleeker and lighter form factor for its upcoming tablet device.

4K Resolution Display: If you have ever used a Surface Pro 4 then you were probably taken back by the stunning display incorporated in the 2-in-1 device. However, the Redmond-based company is expected to go one step further and implement a 4K resolution in its upcoming Surface Pro 5.

More Powerful Processing: You can safely bet that the upcoming Surface Pro will harness the power of the latest-generation Intel Kaby Lake processing chipsets. Interestingly, Intel has confirmed that it will be ready to mass produce its latest and greatest processing chipsets by early-2017.