Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, specs rumors: Samsung to bring better upgrades in early 2017


#Samsung #GalaxyNote8Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, specs rumors: Samsung to bring better upgrades in early 2017 : Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a complete devastation for the South Korean tech giant, the company had no choice but to order a total recall for all the units. Though its customers might be having doubts about the smartphone series, Samsung is reportedly gearing up for a far better installment that will regain the market’s trust.

For the uninitiated, since the smartphone was launched, there have been various reports of overheating and exploding Galaxy Note 7 units. Although the company has yet to reveal future projects for the series, recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched next year.

According to reports, the Galaxy Note 8 will feature an upgraded S Pen. It is also rumored that the Samsung phablet will receive a special stylus pen, which will be equipped with speakers.

Furthermore, Yahoo reported that the upcoming phablet will feature upgraded camera specs as well. If the rumors are true, the camera will have an increased megapixel count as well as improved touchscreen gestures.

To make up for their loss, the tech giant will reportedly launch the Galaxy Note 8 before its usual schedule. Galaxy Note units are usually launched in August or September, but for next year, Samsung will reportedly unveil the eighth installment of the series in the first few months of the year.

Moor Insights Strategy president Patrick Moorhead reportedly predicts that the company will launch the device during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or during the Mobile World Congress next year.

“I think come January or March, January at CES or March at Mobile World Congress… They’ll come out with a Note 8,” Moorhead revealed. “It will look different, it may be a different color, they might put a different industrial type of coating on it.

But it will be their high-end phone that not only goes after high-end consumers but enterprise as well,” he added. Watch out for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Source: christiantimes