Alien Sightings 2016: Strange ‘hole-punch clouds’ formed by UFO?


#Alien #UFOAlien Sightings 2016: Strange ‘hole-punch clouds’ formed by UFO? : Alien sightings have been in and out of the news worldwide which make some people believe that other beings are residing outside the Earth.

While some dismiss it as a figment of one’s imagination, many cannot deny the fact that stories about UFOs have been increasingly spreading every year.

Many UFO enthusiasts think and believe that the strange “hole-punch clouds” surrounded by the clouds are footprints of hovering UFOs. If one tries to look at the strange circular patches in the sky, it would be a would wonder how it was formed in the middle of the daylight.

Science explained that the object that is seen in the sky is an atmospheric occurrence. This is made by a falling-ice crystal that originates in a higher cloud or could be done by a commercial jet passing by.

NASA’s article on “Hole Punch” clouds said that it could be caused by a widespread effect of aircraft that inadvertently produce a measurable amount of snow or rain as it flies through the clouds.

So, what happens is that the airliner gains altitude punches through the cloud layer and leaves a void in a circular cookie-cutter. That further explains why a layer of supercooled liquid water clouds stretching is seen across the sky.

On the other hand, these hole-punch clouds could be a fallstreak holes which starts with ice crystals that broadly expand to fall below as a fallstreak. According to NASA scientists, the falling crystals will absorb the water from the air.

It will grow if the air has the right temperature and moisture. The moisture that is lost in the air increases the evaporation rate from the cloud water droplets which forms a hole.

Are UFOs Real?

UFO experts claim that they exist. Legends and Artifacts way back thousands of years have ignited man’s imagination with regards to the existence of these unidentified flying objects. UFO enthusiasts have been scanning the skies for signs of alien activity. But they have failed to establish any evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Last year, there have been 1,177 UFO sightings reported according to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFROC UFOs). Source: hngn