Apple iPhone SE Review: Great, But A Successor Could Be The Best iPhone Ever


#iPhoneSE #iPhone7Apple iPhone SE Review: Great, But A Successor Could Be The Best iPhone Ever : Apple iPhone SE is such a vastly underestimated device. Some Apple fans are ditching the iPhone 7 and waiting for the 8 but seeing how you have no guarantee the 8th is going to be good, along with the fact that it will come out most likely in 2018. Here’s a really good iPhone to invest in.

Apple has released several iPhone variants up until this point and quite frankly they each have their ups and downs. One of the best is the iPhone 6s due to its amazing battery, great design and frankly brilliant performance, but there is another jewel in the rough when it comes to iPhone devices that you may want to turn your look to if you want the proper Apple experience.

We’re talking about the iPhone SE but while the device is good Apple could release an upgraded version very soon fixing some of the big complaints that users have had since the device’s initial release.

Apple iPhone SE Tweaks

One of the main complaints of iPhone SE customers was it being ridiculously small. The device is only 4 inches so a bigger iPhone SE would be amazing and would definitely beat the other iPhones hands down. iPhone SE doesn’t have 3D Touch support either which is another awesome tweak that Apple could include on its upcoming device.

In addition to it being a great device the current generation of the iPhone SE is really cheap, possibly one of the cheapest iPhone devices on the market right now which is why you might be looking forward to it. A successor to such a device would probably still retain a rather simple price tag. How do you feel about the iPhone SE? Is there anything Apple could do to improve on this fantastic device, or do you love it as it is?