Best Apple Black Friday Deals So Far: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch


#BlackFriday2016 #AppleBest Apple Black Friday Deals So Far: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch : Apple is the main topic of interest this Black Friday. Thousands of Apple fans worldwide are seeking to get devices from this manufacturer on the grand consumer event taking place on the 25th of November. Alternatively, if Black Friday isn’t for you, then you can check out Cyber Monday which is three days later.

You’re probably accustomed to Apple’s ridiculous device pricing. Apple devices aren’t that bad, but they’re overpriced, and customers know this. This is mainly why so many people are looking forward to Black Friday because it’s one of the only days when they can get Apple devices for cheap.

Apple Deals For Black Friday

Before we get into specifics, let’s see where can you go during Black Friday to get some real Apple discounts. The first place you’d think of would be the Apple Store but based on precedents; that’s the first place that gets the stock depleted. Other places you’ll be able to get better iPhone devices or iPads then you should check out Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Staples on the 25th of November as all of them are going to have great deals.

iPad Black Friday Deals

If you want to get an iPad Pro (any version), then you should see at least a $150 discount over at Best Buy and Target. The iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 2 are both going to be discounted between $50 and $75 whereas the iPad Mini 4 is going to get a discount ranging between $100 to $150.

Black Friday 2016 Offers For The iPhone

Here’s what everyone wants for Black Friday. An iPhone 7 should get at least $100 off its full price over at Target, and the same discount should apply to the iPhone 7 Plus. On the other hand, we have better deals for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, a discount ranging between $100 to $200. Arguably, this device is as good as the iPhone 7, and if this isn’t to your liking either then you could settle for an iPhone SE which is getting a $50 discount.

Apple Watch Is Getting Black Friday Discounts

If neither an iPhone nor an Apple tablet is to your liking, there’s another excellent device that makes a great gift, and that’s the Apple Watch. You can get a $25 discount for Black Friday on an Apple Watch Series 2, and you can get a discount ranging between $50 to $70 on the Series 1 Apple Watch.

It’s going to be an exciting 25th of November with these Black Friday deals, and Apple devices are barely scratching the surface. Be sure to check out all your local retailers if you want to get the best experience out of this big consumer event.

Have you decided what you want to get for Black Friday 2016 or Cyber Monday 2016? Be sure to leave a comment and feel free to recommend any good devices that viewers could enjoy buying this Black Friday as well.