Leaked! NASA’s ‘Impossible’ Fuel-Free Space Propulsion System Works


#NASA #SpaceLeaked! NASA’s ‘Impossible’ Fuel-Free Space Propulsion System Works : NASA’s experimentations with the so-called EM drive have been exciting space fanatics over the past year because they offer the tantalising possibility that human beings could travel from Earth to Mars in a period of only seventy days without using rocket fuel.

The EM Drive works without any fuel or propellants at all The prospect of space travel without rocket fuel has been hailed as the next frontier of space exploration, but there is one major problem with the concept: according to the laws of physics, it should not work at all.

However, according to data recently leaked from NASA headquarters, it is working as it should do. This has led to the possibility that the EM drive will not only change the face of space travel but will also trigger a massive re-evaluation in what human beings believe they understand about the laws of physics.

The EM Drive is said to defy Newton’s third law which states that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, to create propulsion, there must be a corresponding intake of energy. However, the EM Drive works by ‘bouncing’ microwave photons backwards and forwards inside a cone-shaped metal cavity.

The motion of the microwaves creates thrust which propels the vehicle forward. Despite the newly leaked data from NASA, critics of the project have remained incredulous about the EM Drive’s viability as a piece of space exploration territory.

Some critics have pointed out that despite the rumours that the EM Drive has been submitted to peer review there is no actual evidence that the technology has been independently tested and verified as functional by experts in the space technology field.

Until NASA submits their extraordinary creation to independent peers, then it seems unlikely that the world of physics and technology will get on board with the EM Drive. However, if the design is functional, it has the potential to change the world irrevocably. Source: disclose