MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book i7


#MacBookPro #SurfaceBooki7 – MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book i7 : These two laptops square up, both pushing innovative features, trying to pull you to Windows and MacOS respectively and claim the cash in your pocket. Here’s a brief comparison of MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book i7.

For the design the new Surface Book keeps the old standard design as the previous one, including the slightly divisive joint that means the book doesn’t fully close. The screen can separate from the body and be used as a tablet. The laptop has a magnesium alloy body.

The new MacBook Pro is lighter and thinner compared to old models. It has an all-metal body and keeps the sleek and stylish look.

For the PowerThe base model of the Surface Book gets you 8GB RAM and the latest Intel Core i7 processor in a quad-core configuration. The more specced out machines also come with a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU, situated in the keyboard, for 1.9 teraflops of GPU performance. This means the laptop will be up to even the most intensive tasks – provided you keep it in one piece, as per Trusted reviews.

MacBook Pro is powered by faster and more efficient Skylake processors, with up to 2TB of storage, faster RAM, and AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards in 15-inch MacBook Pro models. 13-inch models use enhanced Intel Iris Graphics. For the battery, The new MacBook Pros insures around 10 hours of battery life, while the Surface Book promise between 12 to 16 hours.

In addition, Microsoft announced the lastest update for Windows 10 devices, which it calls the “Creators Update.” In the update, Microsoft goals to improved user capacity with a collection of 3D creation tools, including a new update to Paint called “Paint 3D, comes with a Surface Pen, so you can draw on the screen. Apple’s, Touchbar, a thin OLED touchscreen that rests above the number keys and can display different touch-sensitive buttons it would depend on what you wanted to do. Movie streaming, for an instance, might bring up some playback controls, while editing in Photoshop might give you with customizable shortcut buttons.