Microsoft Surface Phone release date: Microsoft may launch three smartphones under the line-up in 2017


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone release date: Microsoft may launch three smartphones under the line-up in 2017 : With the acclaimed launching of Microsoft Surface Studio, Microsoft has essentially sent a signal to its rivals that the well-conceptualized, highly competitive device was just an opening salvo for what is about to come in the succeeding months — and the prospects are getting higher for Apple’s staunchest competition.

Come the first quarter of 2017, Microsoft is reportedly launching a slew of devices and major updates that could only spell victory for the enduring tech firm. All of these iterations will most come from the large Surface series. And one of the more important, if not the most critical segment, of these launchings is to come from Microsoft Surface Phone lineup. The roster, according to most circles, is expected to bring the company to its much-deserved recognition in the smartphone manufacturing after the dismal results its Lumia and Windows Phone offerings have generated.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017’s early round of speculation indicates that Microsoft could be launching three smartphones from the series. Back in January, the firm had registered domain name and information about the launching of three new variants in 2017.

Furthermore, Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 may also be coming with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor, a liquid cooling tech, a USB port. One or two of its offering may be encased in a 5.5-inch active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display (AMOLED).

Optically, the variants may get armed with 20-megapixel (MP) Carl Zeiss primary camera. Alongside that, it may come with a compass, a barometer and the now conventional fingerprint scanner, which will be embedded on the display. A business-centric Windows 10 platform may also be reintroduced in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone.

Perhaps the device’s most groundbreaking feature is its “Bridge Solution” infusion. Accordingly, the next series of smartphones will be able to run both iOS and Android apps on Windows 10 which can be done with minimal coding. Source: christiandaily