UFO seeker: ‘Face’ found on NASA’s Mars image is 100% proof of “alien life”


#Mars #NASAUFO seeker: ‘Face’ found on NASA’s Mars image is 100% proof of alien life : This year has been incredible for strange sights and sounds. The latest finding is that of an ‘alien face’ on Mars.

Pictures from NASA’s Curiosity Rover showed UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring that a number of “faces” have been carved on the Red Planet’s surface.

He found three photographs that seemed to be about faces. In his blog UFO Sightings Daily, he wrote: “When you have one photo it’s nice, but when you have three, it’s 100% proof of something. “This face is the side view of an intelligent species. How do we know it’s intelligent? It made this artwork or structure so it has a high intelligence.”

Waring gave an elaborate description of the photograph. He noted that the eye stands out thanks to its large eyebrows and lengthy forehead. “The nose is long, but closer to the face. The cheeks are not fat, but seem muscular. The mouth has a smile on it – a grimace. The chin is strong and powerful.”

He added: “The only evidence of life better than this is if we see an alien walking past the Mars Rover…oops, yeah that happened twice before actually.”

Mars seems to be the hotbed of aliens. There have been reports of a skull, a ring, a glove, walled cities, a snake, a crab and recently, a “woman in a dress!”

The comments on that are typical. Many are appreciative of the seeker, while a few dismiss the findings as made up or just imagination. One commentator said: “I think it is just a figure that we want to see. Our minds are just making it up to see the exact figure we want to see in the first place – just a comment, people.” Source: HNGN