Dell Windows Phone Release Canceled


#Dell #WindowsPhoneDell Windows Phone Release Canceled : Dell currently works on developing a smartphone that will be powered by Windows. It looks like some images of the next generation device have appeared online but they’re only concepts, which means that nothing has been officially revealed yet. In this article, we will show you all we know so far about Dell’s future device.

The X86 Intel Processor Won’t Be Featured

In the leaked photos you can notice the device that Dell is developing, but since the smartphone’s development was canceled, there’s no way now that the gadget will be powered by an X86 Intel processor that’s able to run on Windows Phone OS. Since the phone’s development is canceled, there’s a lack of information about the specs of the gadget, but the processor’s construction shows the significant potential that the device could’ve had.

If the development continued, we would’ve seen probably the most powerful smartphone in the history. Dell made an intelligent move with their collaboration with Microsoft because the Windows Phone OS can support Intel X86 processors. With Windows 10 running as the device’s OS, Microsoft’s Continuum feature could’ve been interesting on the smartphone.

The Continuum Feature Works On Other Devices

It is known that the Continuum feature works on the HP Elite X3, which the company reports that the gadget is capable of a full desktop experience, an advantage that is given by Continuum and only devices with Windows 10 can have.

This feature can turn devices into desktops by connecting them to an external display, a keyboard, and a mouse. If the device would’ve been made, the owners could’ve experienced a desktop mode made by a small flagship. It’s sad that the device won’t be developed because it would have been a great one with astonishing features.

While the device remains just a concept, Evan Blass leaked more information about the device saying it were more than just a concept and shared a photo of the Dell gadget. What are your thoughts about the canceled Dell device? Let us know in a comment below.