GoPro Karma Vs DJI Mavic Pro: None Of The Above, At Least As Of Now


#GoProKarma #DJIMavicPro – GoPro Karma Vs DJI Mavic Pro: None Of The Above, At Least As Of Now : Now that drone manufacturing has become more active than ever, many of the drone users are excited to buy every new high-tech drone that comes out. When the Mavic Pro came out, a lot of people fell instantly in love with DJI’s latest unit. This drone is pretty much the best in the current market and it is reasonably priced as well. It’s portable, lightweight and super smart, making it a really good buy for drone lovers.

The same thing goes with the GoPro Karma. It’s got people hyped up too. Not only is it a highly anticipated drone from the popular action-cam company, it’s also a good drone as well. Well, it’s not as smart as the DJI Mavic Pro, but it also got perks of its own. The only problem here is that both of these newly released drones aren’t exactly as successful as they ought to be.

DJI Mavic Pro Gets Delayed

DJI failed to meet their promised release dates, causing commotion within their clientele. They have accepted pre-orders but failed to ship to everyone who pre-ordered. Frustrated customers took to the online communities to vent out their disappointment and to search for answers. The company has initially failed to provide concrete reasons and viable solutions which made the people even more frustrated. Not only have they been deprived of on-time delivery, they also weren’t provided the explanations that they rightfully deserve.

Nevertheless, DJI eventually came clean. The company has provided a statement last November 3 saying that the pre-orders they got for the DJI Mavic Pro is more than what they have expected. This is why they haven’t cleared out all orders just yet. Needless to say, DJI says that they are in full production at top speed and even though their efforts isn’t enough to give each customer an ETA, they promise to try their best to clear out on all orders in roughly two months’ time. This, of course, is for people who pre-ordered before November 3.

GoPro Karma Got Recalled

As per a GSM Arena report, about 2500 GoPro Karma units have been recalled recently. GoPro Karma was first revealed last September and it was put to sale October. However, just a few weeks after being released, the Karma drone was recalled by the company. GoPro has announced that they will be putting the Karma on a recall program due to some power issues. Apparently, the GoPro Karma tends to lose power while in use.