How To Install Second iOS 10.2 Beta With No Developer Account


#iOS10.2 #iOS10How To Install Second iOS 10.2 Beta With No Developer Account : Just one day after providing the second iOS 10.2 beta to developers, and one week after releasing the first iOS 10.2 public beta, on Monday, Nov. 7, Apple seeded the second beta of an upcoming iOS 10.2 update to public beta testers.

Apple’s Second iOS 10.2 Beta

According to MacRumors, after installing the proper certificate on their iOS device, the iOS 10.2 beta update can be received over-the-air by beta testers who have signed up for Apple’s beta testing program. On the company’s beta testing website it is possible to sign up to participate in Apple’s beta testing program. This gives users access to both macOS Sierra and iOS betas.

Just be aware of the fact that beta versions are not stable and they may include many bugs. For this reason, it is recommended that they should be installed on a secondary device. Tech experts consider iOS 10.2 as a major 10.x update. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes several new features that aim to enhance the iOS 10.

Among the new features are included new emoji introducing Unicode 9 characters like selfie, drooling face, clown face, fox face, face palm, shark, owl, butterfly, avocado, croissant, pancakes and more. Many profession emoji have also been introduced, available in both female and male genders. With the iOS 10.2, Apple has also updated the artwork on most existing emoji. New details have been added in order to make them look more realistic and less cartoonish.

The iOS 10.2 update also includes new Music sorting options, new wallpaper, an option for preserving camera settings, a new “Celebrate” Screen Effect,” Single Sign-On support, a Videos widget, a new TV app to help users discover television content to watch, an SOS feature for quickly calling emergency services and more. But the iOS 10.2 beta 2 released by Apple on Monday is an atypically exciting release for a second beta.

Usually, each new beta release fixes any bugs that are uncovered and refines features offered in an initial beta release. However, in the case of Apple’s iOS 10.2 beta 2 users got their first taste of the entirely new application that is called simply “TV.”

The high-tech giant unveiled its new TV app during its big MacBook Pro event last month. Apple considers this new application as a major advancement in its entertainment lineup. TV provides users a single hub that helps them to discover television content, browse and search for TV shows, movies and other videos hosted online. The only online content not accessible for Apple’s new TV app is Netflix content.