Many Witness Alien Craft Over New York


#Alien #NewYorkMany Witness Alien Craft Over New York : Hi, my name is David but please don`t use my last name. I just got out of work, and was heading to my cabin to go bow hunting.  Don’t remember exact day. It was approximately 11:50 P.M. on route 20 in the town of Brant, NY. It was an extremely dark night. I was traveling west on Rt 20, and saw a bright light above the road.

I am guessing I was over 1 mile away. As I got a little closer I could see cars pulled over on the side of the road. I thought maybe there was an accident, and a helicopter was landing.

When I got up to the cars pulled over on both sides of the road I saw no accident, and noticed some type of craft barely over the trees with a bright light in the center. I pulled over, and shut my truck off, and opened the window.

It appeared to be triangular shaped, no sound at all, and moving extremely slowly. It was  80 – 100 feet off the ground. I estimate I saw it for 1 minute while driving, and 3 – 4 minutes sitting directly under it. It was huge.

I had 2 cars in front of me facing west, and 1 on other side of the road going east. When we finally couldn`t see it everyone started their cars, and left! Wish I would have got out, and spoke to the people, or reported it.

I never have contacted the Evans Police Dept to see if anyone reported anything that night. Any questions call me daytime. Dave    NOTE: The above image is CGI. Source: