Microsoft says it’s fixed the latest ‘Surface Pro 3 battery issues’ with new firmware update


#Microsoft #SurfacePro3Microsoft says it’s fixed the latest Surface Pro 3 battery issues with new firmware update : It’s been a while since Surface Pro 3 owners received a new firmware update. The last one to roll out was on August 29, which Microsoft said delivered a fix for earlier battery life issues on its high-end Windows 10 tablet.

But a few weeks later, in mid-September, fresh complaints about battery life problems emerged from users who hadn’t been affected by the earlier issues. The first round of complaints focused on Surface Pro 3 tablets that shipped with batteries manufactured by Simplo, but the newer issue affected LGC batteries instead.

Many of those affected said the LGC batteries were draining within a couple of hours from a 100% charge, but some reported that their batteries weren’t charging at all, and others said they were completely unable to use their Surface Pro 3 unless it was plugged in.

Many users were convinced that the LGC battery problems were caused by the firmware update that resolved the issue for the Simplo batteries – a claim that Microsoft refuted. The company told Neowin on September 22 that it was working on identifying the cause of the problem, and developing a fix. Now, almost seven weeks later, that fix is finally available.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

A new system firmware update, dated November 7, is now available for the Surface Pro 3. On its Surface Update History page, the company says that the update “corrects the firmware component that functions as a ‘fuel gauge’ so that the battery capacity is accurately reported”.