Nintendo Switch with ‘Super Smash Bros’ Port Confirmed as Hybrid Console 2017 Release Date Set March 17?


#NintendoSwitch #GamingNintendo Switch with Super Smash Bros Port Confirmed as Hybrid Console 2017 Release Date Set March 17? : Nintendo Switch gamers are poised to experience the Super Smash Bros. too on the upcoming hybrid console as new reports suggested that soon after the gaming machine’s March 2017 release date a port of the popular game title will be delivered, including the remaining Smash Amiibo – rumored to be Bayonetta and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

Within the next six months after the Nintendo Switch early 2017 rollout, the console will reportedly breathe new life to the Super Smash franchise.

Pointing to gaming reporter Laura Kate Dale as source, WCCFTech said that Nintendo is planning a Smash Bros port for the switch but the release will not be timed with the game console’s supposed market debut in March.

“Switch getting Smash Bros port … Smash Port is NOT launch day. Targeting first six months,” WCCFTech reported Dale as saying in a series of Twitter posts. Dale likewise hinted that the Smash Bros port push for the Nintendo Switch will also see the release of the remaining unreleased Smash Amiibo.

According to Nintendo Life, the upcoming Amiibo will be that of Cloud Flare from FFVII and Bayonetta. Dale said that it’s unlikely for the balance of Amiibo to touchdown this 2016 as the arrival has been synched with the Switch’s 2017 rollout.

“The reason we’re not seeing a 2016 release for those remaining 2016 Smash Amiibo is they are being held for Smash port release,” Dale said in one of her tweets dated November 9. The Amiibo will come out same day with that of the Nintendo Switch, the reporter added.

WCCFTech said that the latest information should be credible enough as Dale is known for mostly providing accurate information on upcoming Nintendo products. The journalist, for instance, has predicted that the Switch is a hybrid device with a detachable touch controller.

Dale also issued advanced information on Nintendo’s plan for its next-generation gaming console which previously was codenamed NX. As it turned out, the device was introduced as the Nintendo Switch last October.

As for the Nintendo Switch release date, the same report stated that the 2017 rollout of the machine will start as early as March 17 at least in regions compatible with the PAL system and the sticker price starting between $250 and $300. Source: Yibada