Why The ‘PlayStation 4 Pro’ Is The Video Game Console Of The Future?


#PS4Pro #SonyWhy The ‘PlayStation 4 Pro’ Is The Video Game Console Of The Future? : As everyone anticipated, Sony has finally confirmed its plans on taking its PlayStation 4 video game console into uncharted territory later this year.

The company has recently revealed the surprisingly affordable PlayStation 4 Pro, a much-enhanced refresh version of the PlayStation 4 console, but with much more features that highlights owners of 4K TVs.

It will also improve the experience that users have with this year’s most exciting new console releases. With that, the PlayStation 4 Pro is looking forward to becoming the game console of the future.

The PS4 Pro is looking to be better than any other console

Sony has announced the PS4 Pro in September. Rumors claimed that the console would be having an enhanced processor and more power so that PlayStation gamers will be able to get even better-looking games than they can with the current PS4. That’s exactly what the PlayStation 4 Pro brings to the table. With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming PS4 Pro:

Release Date

A little while back, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 Pro, formerly called the NEO, would come way sooner than a lot of industry insiders have speculated. Some rumors pointed to a mid-2017 release, while others predicted a holiday roll out.

Among the predictors, the latter that had the right details. The PlayStation 4 Pro release date has been set for this holiday season. More specifically, Sony plans to launch the PS4 Pro on the 10th of November.

Doing so would be a very wise move for the company’s behalf. With the said release, Sony would be able to capitalize during the holiday shopping spree and start out ahead of Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio.