Surface Pro 5 Release Date And Rumors: Microsoft’s Hybrid To Eclipse iPad Pro 2


#SurfacePro5 #iPadPro2Surface Pro 5 Release Date And Rumors: Microsoft’s Hybrid To Eclipse iPad Pro 2 : With the Surface Studio, the revamped Surface Book, and the rumored Surface Pro 5, 2017 might very well become Microsoft’s year. Though the tech giant has not confirmed the development or the existence of the Surface Pro 5, speculations and alleged leaks about the device are abounding.

As far as the nature of the device’s rumors is concerned, the upcoming hybrid seems poised to dominate the hybrid portable enterprise device market next year. The Surface Pro has had a pretty colorful history, starting with the Surface RT four years ago.

When Microsoft unveiled the hybrid device to an iPad-saturated market four years ago, many were quick to dismiss Microsoft’s efforts as unremarkable. Despite the rocky start, however, Microsoft muscled on, eventually culminating in the release of the Surface Pro 4 last year, a device that has largely been acclaimed both critically and commercially.

Speculations about the Surface Pro 5, the follow-up to the successful Surface Pro 4, are very encouraging, with rumors pointing to Microsoft releasing a hybrid device that is equipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors ranging from the entry-level Core m3 to the high-end Core i7 chip.

All signs so far, including Microsoft’s decision to seemingly release the Surface Pro 5 early 2017 instead of late 2016, appears to target the release of Intel’s latest processor. With Kaby Lake chips, the Surface Pro 5 would stand far beyond that of its competition, especially the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2, which is also rumored to be released sometime early 2017.

Microsoft has never really shied away from equipping the Surface line of hybrid devices with the best processors currently available in the industry. With Kaby Lake processors, 4k video processing would be native to the Surface Pro 5.