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ImageCat helps you getting all images that appear on webpages.
you can use it to track image requests in the webpage, nicely display them in the split view, save or share the selected images.
you can add images to your favorites which will keep in ImageCat. you can quickly export selected images to a zip file or save to Photos.

# See it, Got it
ImageCat will save any images that the webpage loaded. ImageCat will automatic catch all images after you start a webpage, as easy as you are using Safari.

# build-in Favorite
you can save the images you like to the build-in Favorite, keep them in different folders, export selected images.

# Filter
ImageCat provide image size filter to make small images ignore from the images list, even you can control it by image type such as GIF only.


# split view to work with webpage and images list
# full screen view to view images only
# get any images loaded in the webpage
# share images by airdrop and SNS
# filters to log less image by size or type
# easy to dismiss window by drag down
# export selected images as a zip file
# export selected images to Photos
# export selected images to Favorite
# support SVG format capture