Alleged mothership of UFO spacecraft caught hiding over clouds in Italy


#UFO #Alien Alleged mothership of UFO spacecraft caught hiding over clouds in Italy : New claims emerged about aliens with the power and technology to blend their spacecraft into our atmosphere have been sighted visiting Earth.

This was after an image surfaced online, showing a UFO mothership hiding in the clouds. UFO experts and hunters strongly believe that the image shows what appears to be a huge alien spacecraft flying and seemingly camouflaged in the sky.

Shocked witness, Guiseppe Filipponi, managed to take a picture the moment the flying object appeared right before it quickly disappeared again. This ability is a system allegedly known as ‘cloaking’ by alien conspiracy theorists.

UFO sighting in Italy

Some people have claimed that spherical lights appeared on the flying saucer in the captured pictures. The shots were taken in Lecco, Italy, on Nov. 2.

Some conspiracy theorists even suggested that the sighting could possibly be linked to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck in Italy just last Friday. A number of alien conspiracy theorists often claim that UFOs have been seen prior, during, or after major earthquakes.

Does UFO cause earthquakes?

The UFO Sighting Shot Spot conspiracy said: “Italy had 250 earthquakes since August, with a recent 6.5 magnitude quake on October 30 of this year, arguably the strongest to hit Italy in recent years. This mysterious sighting over Lecco, Lombardy happened two days before the earthquake occurred on November 4, 2016.”

UFO sightings could be a threat

They continued on, “It’s not the first occasion that UFOs have been seen before earthquakes and it is said that these UFOs are guided by their motherships to either monitor the worsening geological situation or trying to warn us of an impending disaster to come. So their appearance could either be a threat, or a warning.”

About the cloaking

UFO blogger Scott C Waring talked about the ‘cloaking’ theory on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

He said: “This translucent UFO spacecraft was seen last week and it looks like a giant disk, complete with a beautiful dome on its top. Sunset is one of the most common moments to see a UFO when the ship becomes vulnerable.” Source: HNGN