A closer look at Microsoft’s crazy Surface Dial puck


#SurfaceStudio #SurfaceDialA closer look at Microsoft’s crazy Surface Dial puck : Microsoft unveiled its Surface Studio PC last month, alongside a crazy-looking Surface Dial puck. The new accessory is, perhaps, the most surprising and unique part of the Surface Studio.

It’s a big puck that is designed to be placed on the Studio’s screen to produce radial menus and act as another form of input. Microsoft is selling the Surface Dial separately to the Surface Studio, so you can use it with any Windows 10 PC. I got a chance to try one out for a few days, to see whether you’d want to use a Surface Dial on a PC.

It’s worth explaining what the Surface Dial is and what it isn’t. Microsoft is marketing it as an accessory you use in one hand while you use the other to sketch with the Surface Pen.

That makes it the perfect compliment to the Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Surface Dial on the screen of either of these devices to generate radial menus around the Dial at the moment.

Microsoft is planning to add this with a firmware update early next year, but during my use I’m not convinced you’d want to use it on the small screen of either of these devices regularly. Source: theverge