‘Galaxy Note 8’ May Feature A Foldable Display [PATENT]


#GalaxyNote8 #Samsung – Galaxy Note 8 May Feature A Foldable Display [PATENT] : Since Samsung discontinued the production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7, experts have suggested that the company should kill the Galaxy Note brand altogether. They believe that the Note 7 has done significant damage to the brand, and if there is a Galaxy Note 8, buyers will instantly associate it with overheating and explosions. But Samsung is looking to make a strong comeback with more advanced technologies.

Image Credit: Samsung Electronics / Patent Filing

Will Galaxy Note 8 get this feature?

Earlier this week, the electronics giant filed the patent for a foldable display technology that will allow users to bend and fold the screen, pretty much like the old flip phones. According to the patent filing, first spotted by Galaxy Club, the bending mechanism will work “semi-automatically.” The patent also describes a secondary display that will get activated when the handset is folded.

Image Credit: Samsung Electronics / Patent Filing

Samsung has filed several patents related to the foldable display technology since last year. But the latest one also offers us a look at what the actual device could look like. Past rumors suggested that the Korean company has been secretly working on Project Valley aka Galaxy X with foldable display. The company may add this innovative feature in the Galaxy Note 8 as well to revive the Note brand.

The phone folds in half down the middle

The phone renderings shown in the filing fold in half down the middle. Bending the device in half could make it easier to carry around. The hinge looks similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Book. A bendable phone presents major technical hurdles. The display has to move without breaking, and the components need to be placed such that they won’t get harmed after months or years of use.