iPad Air 3 Specs, Features And Release Date (RUMOR)


#iPadAir3 #AppleiPad Air 3 Specs, Features And Release Date (RUMOR) : You have to go as far back as October 2014 to when Apple last updated the iPad Air range with the iPad Air 2. Last month the Cupertino-based company surprised everyone with a refreshed MacBook but no new iPad. This has caused some concern among its tablet-loving fans and experts who think an iPad Air 3 is long overdue. However, rumors about this iPad having been circling online for some time, so let’s take a look.

iPad Air 3 chipset

When the iPad Air 2 launched, it was accompanied by the A8X chipset, a souped-up version of the A8 chip in the iPhone 6s. Apple said at the time that this chip was 40% faster than the iPad Air 1’s A7 chip and also offered improved graphics.

So what is expected in the iPad Air 3? To start with, it would be shocking if Apple didn’t give the chipset an upgrade. Lovers of Apple’s tablets expect at least an A9X or maybe even an A10 Fusion.

Improved rear camera and flash

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro was the first iPad to have flash. Attached to the rear-facing camera, this flash was also accompanied by a front-facing Retina-flash. Rumors suggest that the iPad Air 3 could get both of these flash technologies.

Yes, it is annoying enough when someone holds up a smartphone to record video, so imagine a large iPad in-front of you! According to many iPad owners, they regularly use their devices to take pictures and record video, and it is widely expected that Apple will take advantage of this with the iPad Air 3.