After KickAss Torrents, ‘under attack’ to be taken down; Operators create new domains for hijacked mirrors


#KickAssTorrents #ThePirateBayAfter KickAss Torrents, ‘under attack’ to be taken down; Operators create new domains for hijacked mirrors : Just like what happened to KickAss torrents (KAT) and a few months ago, one of the best torrent alternative may also go offline soon. It is speculated that it is under attack. is a popular alternative torrent site after The Pirate Bay (TPB). These two sites, in addition to 1337x, emerged as the top alternative sites for torrent download after the abrupt shut down of KAT and

A report published by Yibada suggests that is under an attack because it has lost its control over all its key domains. This is the reason why the torrent site may be taken down from the web soon.

According to Digital Music News, ExtraTorrent is highly popular in several countries, including the US. This is evident from the fact that the site has an Alexa ranking of 237 in the US and 158 in other regions. It is estimated that more than 170 million torrent users visit this one of the most visible torrent sites every month.

ExtraTorrent was among several beneficiaries that exploded in terms of traffic after the shut down of KAT and The number of users increased by more than 100 percent by what it experienced before the shut down.

The popularity of the site grew by multiple times and it is now believes that ExtraTorrent would become the next TPB, in case the latter goes offline as well.

However, ExtraTorrent take down decision may be taken soon. In the recent past. ExtraTorrent has experienced loss of control over three of its mirror domains –, and

The domain registrar then released a statement that the domains were not blocked, but rendered inaccessible, leading to fears that they may have been taken down.

Due to lack of evidence, ExtraTorrent has already assumed that it is under attack and this is why they have set up two more domains to replicate the hijacked mirror domains – and Despite the fears, continues to remains fully operational and accessible. Source:HNGN