Microsoft McLaren may be back, leaks speculate


#MicrosoftMcLaren #MobileMicrosoft McLaren may be back, leaks speculate : Microsoft had the Lumia McLaren, one of the most exciting concept devices to have been here for a while now. However, the brouhaha hasn’t died down yet, because if leaks are to be believed, the Lumia 1030 might be around the corner soon.

Microsoft had shut down the project even before it started, the Lumia McLaren, also known as Lumia 1030, had made the rounds of the smartphone space arena, providing a closer look at how the end device could have been.

A photo published by leakster Evan Blass shows the phone again, although there is nothing new or exciting enough, it is worth a look at the smartphone that could have changed the face of the platform.

As of now, things aren’t going well for Microsoft’s mobile operating system and devices like this could have contributed to better adoption figures. However, the Lumia, also sharing a reminiscent design, it looks quite appealing, retaining the familiar Lumia look, but boasting a camera bump that covers a major part of the back panel.

This means Microsoft has worked on the camera and we can expect a better and bigger camera. As far as specs are concerned, the Lumia 1030 had a 5.5-inch full HD display, a Qualcomm 800 processor which at that point was the absolute best on the market, 2GB, and 32Gb storage.

The main camera was 20MP unit, while the front camera was a 2MP for selfies, but we think there will be room for improvement because of current devices which have 8MP for selfies.

Unfortunately, the McLaren was a stunning device only on paper as the device never came out. Hopefully, Microsoft will reconsider its decisions and bring back the McLaren. Source: deccanchronicle