Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Test Version To Insiders: Build 14965 Brings Virtual Trackpad, Sticky Notes And Windows Ink Changes


#Microsoft #Windows10Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Test Version To Insiders: Build 14965 Brings Virtual Trackpad, Sticky Notes And Windows Ink Changes : Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 Preview for Insiders in the Fast Ring. And it comes with a couple of bug fixes, slightly delayed language packs update, and some new cool features.

This is the second build ahead of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update that will commence in the early part of 2017. The build, with number 14965, brings improvements to Sticky Notes, Registry Editor’s address bar, Windows Ink Workspace, Hyper-V and allows controlling external monitors from tablet devices.

Windows 10 Preview Build 14965 was built in a different way than its predecessors allowing it to be updated regularly with new features and bug fixes.

And while Microsoft has released various updates to date, its Windows 10 Creators Update will be its major one following its Windows 10 anniversary release last August.

What’s New With Windows 10 Build 14965?

The new build aims to make using an external monitor easier through a tablet. It enables a virtual touchpad on tablets running Windows 10 so users can now run content directly to a different display without connecting to a mouse.

Previously, connecting a monitor like the Surface Pro requires attaching a mouse to use the second display that will behave similar to a standard desktop monitor. Now, it is possible to use the on-screen track pad to control the cursor on the external monitor.

It seems like Microsoft has some plans for its Sticky Notes application. In the latest Insider update, the Sticky Notes app will now read flight information in German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and French aside from English.

The app will also be able to sense any flight information saved to a note and will automatically show latest updates for the said flight. Additionally, it will feature better performance and a snazzier UI/UX.

Smaller updates were introduced to the Registry Editor and Windows Ink Workspace in this build. The former will have a revamped address bar that allows users to use keyboard shortcuts.

The latter will now be able to show more recently used apps in the menu plus a new protractor that can be controlled via the mouse’s scroll wheel.

Added support for other language packs outside English will be coming shortly as the company needs more time to get them ready for testing.