Microsoft ‘Surface Phone’ Personal Expectations: Premium Look, 6 GB Ram, Improved Apps, And More


#SurfacePhone #Microsoft – Microsoft Surface Phone Personal Expectations: Premium Look, 6 GB Ram, Improved Apps, And More : The Surface Phone is still as unacknowledged as it has ever been. However, until Microsoft firmly says that it doesn’t exist, there’s a good chance that it actually does exist. This phone has been rumored for like a year already so even though it hasn’t made an appearance yet, it’s almost certain that the arrival is due in no time. Nonetheless, the question right now is whether or not Microsoft can create a new smartphone that will hype consumers up once again. It’s undeniable how Windows Phones struggle to compete with mainstream brands right now. This is despite the fact that Windows Phones are usually ultra-powerful and stable. Needless to say, we all have expectations for a good smartphone. Here are some for the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Expectations

Well, a regular Windows Phone is already likable as it is. However, depending on your necessities, it may not be enough to cater to your every need. For starters, Windows mobile’s app collections are still limited, and even the ones that it has don’t always offer full versions. This may be a deal breaker for a lot of people and it’s hard to blame them for that. Most smartphone users rely on apps to assist them with their smartphone needs. With that said, it would be very nice if Microsoft could speed up their app development progress for the Surface Phone and encourage more developers to give focus to Windows mobile as well.

Those who aren’t exactly app-dependent can understand the value that Windows Phones offer. Windows-running mobile phones are like portable PCs. Well, they don’t exactly offer one hundred percent PC experience but they make good alternatives while away from an actual computer. Windows Phones are also usually fast and stable. Even the cheaper models deliver good performance. Nevertheless, this isn’t enough to attract more people from the consumer market.

Furthermore, hopefully, Microsoft could make the Surface Phone a little more premium looking. Past Lumia phones are undeniably not special-looking. Of course, those phones are more focused on what’s inside them rather than on how they look from the outside. They actually don’t look super off but if you place them side by side with an iPhone or a Galaxy S phone, most Windows Phones don’t stand a chance at a beauty contest. Hopefully, Microsoft makes the Surface Phone one of the most premium-looking phones of the year.