Microsoft Surface Phone release date, spec news: Microsoft flagship gets early 2017 launch


#SurfacePhone #MicrosoftMicrosoft Surface Phone release date, spec news: Microsoft flagship gets early 2017 launch : When Microsoft had its Surface Event last month, tech and gadget enthusiasts were hoping that the tech mogul would reveal a few key details about the highly anticipated Surface Phone. However, the company decided to focus on other great products instead, including the Surface Dial.

Despite the Surface Phone’s absence from the event however, rumors continue to surround the device and new reports indicate that the handset may see release early in 2017. Game N Guide writes that while Microsoft has not yet given any official word about the Surface Phone, rumor has it that the tech and software mogul has begun developing the gadget and that the device would come out with three different variants.

Word has spread that the new Microsoft Surface phone would come with a 4 GB RAM variant, a 6 GB RAM variant, and an 8 GB RAM variant targeted for a premium audience. All three versions of the highly anticipated Microsoft handset will allegedly be run by the incoming Intel Kaby Lake processing chip.

Not only that, but speculation has begun to spread that the new Surface Phone would also bring in a new security feature, a fingerprint scanning display which has been rumored to appear in other upcoming phones from competing companies like Apple’s iPhone 8 and of course, Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Trusted Reviews also reports on other rumors regarding the new Microsoft Surface Phone, and it seems like the mill has been pinning the gadget’s operating system on the Windows 10 OS, the same system being used by the Surface Pro tablet.

It seems like the Surface Phone isn’t intended to directly compete with flagship phones from Microsoft’s rivals – instead the phone is intended to compete on its own as one of the most secure handhelds focused on productivity. The Microsoft Surface phone is rumored to receive a launch sometime in spring next year. Source: christiandaily