Microsoft Surface Pro 3 November Update To Fix Battery Problems Still Unsuccessful?


#Microsoft #SurfacePro3Microsoft Surface Pro 3 November Update To Fix Battery Problems Still Unsuccessful? : A new firmware update for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been released recently. It specifically aims to fix the high-end Windows tablet’s battery-draining issues. But it seems like after installing the latest update, some Surface Pro 3 owners are still experiencing battery problems.

A number of owners of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 — marketed as “the tablet that can replace your laptop” — have been complaining about how quick the tablet runs out of battery power.

For instance, instead of getting about nine hours when mainly using the Surface Pro 3 for web browsing, some of the units were barely getting one to two hours before they need to charge it again.

A firmware update was released back in August to fix the alarmingly unusual rate of battery drain for the device. But weeks later, there were again reports of the same battery glitch but from a different batch of Surface Pro 3 units, according to Pocketnow.

Although it took the company months to provide an answer, thankfully, the Redmond-based Windows maker steps up with a firmware update that should end the battery issue permanently.

Explaining the cause of the Surface Pro 3’s battery conundrum, Microsoft shared the following via the official Battery FAQ page for the Windows tablet. “On a limited number of Surface Pro 3 devices, an error condition occurs that causes the full charge capacity of the battery to be misreported to the operating system and device firmware.

When this condition occurs, the system no longer charges the battery to its full actual capacity, and the Surface is unable to function on battery power.”

“Think of this like a fuel gauge in a car, where the car looks to the fuel gauge to determine how much to fill the tank. In this case, if the fuel gauge isn’t working right, the car would also not be able to fill the tank—even though the tank is fine,” it added.