PlayStation VR: Is it worth upgrading to PlayStation 4 Pro?


#PlayStationVR #PS4ProPlayStation VR: Is it worth upgrading to PlayStation 4 Pro? : The PlayStation 4 Pro is a 4K television-oriented console tweaked to reach the magnum opus of the standard PlayStation 4 in terms of integrated graphics and excellent visual effects. With the advent of the new state-of-the-art console this Nov. 10; It is a looming question on how the PS4 Pro will cooperate with the PlayStation VR.

Native 4K resolution is quickly becoming the norm in the current generation video games. Frankly, breathtaking graphics and visuals are key factors in a game in relation to gameplay and the plot to entice players and potential customers to playing and of course that means profit.

With this, Sony adapted to the changing scene and transformed the phenomenal PS4 console into a new level of high-tech.Thus, the PS4 Pro was conceived. The new console is equipped with up-clocked central processor plus a new second graphics chip which allows 4K games to utilize in high visual horsepower.

The results range from impressive to breathtaking after testing recent games like “Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and “Skyrim Special Edition”, based on a PS4 Pro review by TIME.The PlayStation VR headset also stands its ground in the realm of Virtual Reality gameplay.

Although not as outstanding as games run on 1080p resolution at 60 FPS on consoles, it makes up and wins in stunning immersion as it is known to be an ace when it comes to close-ups, according to a PlayStation VR review from VG24/7.

PSVR is still in development just as the rest of the VR world is, but it deserves praise for its sensational performance.The game developers deliver the answer by putting both techs in play. Testing several VR compatible games, the mystery slowly uncovers.

PSVR resolution does not change no matter how the system renders the image, but in reality, it gives an extra rendering fidelity that supplies a lot of antialiasing which in turn helps deliver crisp visuals and clear view of the small details.

“You render the texture bigger than it’s going to be displayed, it’s called supersampling, you render it so there’s more information in the center of the image so that quality doesn’t look as bad when it gets the distortion applied to it.

It’s pretty subtle, but I certainly notice it and I think it looks better.” according to game developer Marc Flury.The new update also gives a new feel in the immersion department because the image is clearer and pixelation has decreased, based on Polygon.

The new visual upgrades are not the last of the PSVR and PS4 Pro collaboration as “Battlezone” game developer Jeb Mayer said that this is just an enhancement of the base experience. “Really, I’d say, it didn’t take that much effort.”

He said in his Polygon interview.The new upgrades might not be enough to convince users to upgrade PSVR in a new combo with PS4 Pro. But these opened up great and exciting reasons to look forward to further advancements in the new generation virtual reality gaming scene.  Source: Yibada