Samsung Gear S3 Release Date, Price & Specs: Better Than Apple Watch 2?


#GearS3 #AppleWatch2Samsung Gear S3 Release Date, Price & Specs: Better Than Apple Watch 2? : Everyone wants to get Samsung Gear S3 on their wrists ever since Samsung announced the new version of their smartwatch. While the watch is a considerable upgrade over its previous Gear S2, the question here is: is the latest Gear S3 better than Apple Watch 2?

Hardcore Samsung fans and Apple fans might never come to an agreement on this one. However, it only gives others, especially general smart watch lovers, an opportunity to compare both the watches, which in fact are the latest offerings from their bickering parent companies.

What is interesting is a fact that both watches have hit the markets only months (probably a month) apart from one another. So while everyone is gung-ho about Samsung’s new product, they still haven’t forgotten everything that was mentioned about Apple Watch 2 either.

An article in The Inquirer states that, in terms of design, Gear S3 comes in two variants-Classic and Frontier. Both the models sport a large circular dial and a stainless steel body. An article in Digital Trends adds that the watch is more loved by those who love traditional-looking yet chunky watch models.

As against this, Apple Watch 2 has a lot more variants such as the Standard, Sport and its Nike and Hermes editions. The watch is smaller than Gear S3 and comes in aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic cases, as well as sport, stainless steel and leather bands.

In terms of display, the resolution for Apple Watch 2 depends on the size of its case. However, Gear S3 offers a 360X360 resolution and a 278ppi pixel density, states an article in Game N Guide.